Novel virtual space for 3D imaging of medical objects

  • The Virdiamed Project

    The aim of the project is introducing novel virtual space for 3D imaging of medical objects by constructing an innovative system for comprehensive use of information provided with CT/MRI techniques.

Examples of a semi-automatic DICOM to 3D model transformation.


The aim

Team members have elaborated a new method for creation of spatial 3D models of organs using PDF format. Taking spine surgery as example, the new method enables the surgeon to precisely view vertebra structure, to measure angles and distances needed for operation planning as well as to superpose spine models designated at various stages of disease.

No new imaging technique is offered, however a better utilizing of stored and accessible information is assured.

The project comprises advances in data transfer according to telemedicine principles. Moreover, it facilitates consultation of medical cases by a referential specialist.

In addition, consultant becomes independent from access to original CT/MRI exam.

Application of PDF format provides advantageous access to data from any regular computer.