The Biomedical Conference took place on 18th of November at Poznan University of Technology.

The event was divided into three parts:

  • Biomechanics, the audience could listen about human musculoskeletal system disorders, implants and Computer Aided Surgeries;
  • Orthopaedics, which concerned amputation procedures and types of limb prostheses;
  • Presentation of Reasearch Groups and Projects from Poznan University of Technology.

During the third part, two of the Virdiamed Project’s representatives – Piotr Giza and  Kinga Kotwicka gave a presentation about possibilities of using tissue visualization in medical and engineering environments. The speech included description of creation three-dimensional models from CT and MRI scans and an automatic system for finding vertebrae and building their models.

The main goal of presentation was to show people related to biomedical engineering recent development of Virdiamed Project and to encourage them to join our team.